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Does Food Basics Market sell cosmetics such as night creams and lotions (e.g. nivea and aveeno)?

I want to make sure since I am kinda busy and dont know much markets in torontoDoes Food Basics Market sell cosmetics such as night creams and lotions (e.g. nivea and aveeno)?
yea they should

Do you know Nivea products? Are they good? Should I buy their shower gel or face creams?

Nivea products are really good, I've tried some of their products and it works like a charm!I've got hair proctant from Nivea and few creams. Shower-gel umm.. never tired it but it would be good.Do you know Nivea products? Are they good? Should I buy their shower gel or face creams?
I've Only Ever Used The Nivea Face Creams.

And I've Found Then to be Too Oily And Thick, Not Good For My skin.

But If You Have Dry Skin They'd Be PERFECT For You.

I'm Sure The Shower Gel Is Good.Do you know Nivea products? Are they good? Should I buy their shower gel or face creams?
I really like the Nivea soft body cream.

Does fairness creams like garnier, nivea, work or not?

Yes, they are quite effective...

In addition you will have to protect your skin against sunshine... don't wear revealing clothes... because the portion you expose will become darker because you melanin getting darker for protecting your skin against harmful radiations of sun...Does fairness creams like garnier, nivea, work or not?
Nivea is the best for face otherwise normal moisturisers from Avon/Garnier is Ok for not so cold region. .... DOVE /NIVEA also work well. Cheers!Does fairness creams like garnier, nivea, work or not?
meh... I would just recommend exfoliating. and moisturizing properly, those skin creams just bleach your skin..... and idk that just sounds artificial.
If it has hydroquinone is might help even your skin tone. Nothing will actually make your skin lighter. For that you need to see a derm. For better results try high end makeup at Sephora.
It depends on your skintype.

Garnier works well,I have been using it from 6 months and its results are good.
It does work, but u should keep yourself away from the sun.
itwrks 4 a short span of tine
yes they work very well
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  • What is the difference between orange peel skin and cellulite. I bought creams for each by nivea, the diff?

    i have little cellulite, and bought nivea's reshaping cream for orangpeel skin, and goodbye cellulite. i wrote to the company, and all they said was simply one is for cellulite, and one if for orange peel skin, and do not use both at once, but to use each on target area. i dont know what the difference isWhat is the difference between orange peel skin and cellulite. I bought creams for each by nivea, the diff?
    they're both the same thing, OP is a mild form.

    Cellulite has been found to be indistinguishable from ordinary fat in every medical and scientific test. It is not proven whether any cosmetic lotion, massager or pills can reduce/increase cellulite versus ordinary fat. The only known way to reduce the appearance of cellulite is to reduce overall body fat by altering diet or exercise, although it may remain visible even on very slim women.

    The cause of cellulite is unknown. But, some theories point to stress, and diet as potential causes, or at least aggravators.

    Orange-peel skin (cellulite)

    Orange-peelskin (cellulite) is the name given to finely nodular, irregular dimpling of the surface of the skin, which is seen mainly in women and particularly on the thighs and buttocks. This is caused by fatty deposition in the subcutaneous fatty tissues. The more fat or fluid is deposited, the more pronounced are the typical changes which are reminiscent of orange peel or 鈥?in the advanced stage鈥?a mattress.

    Orange-peelskin is not a disease but can be a first sign of lipoedema. Controlled weight, exercise and under some circumstances the wearing of compression stockings can reduce the cellulite.What is the difference between orange peel skin and cellulite. I bought creams for each by nivea, the diff?
    Sounds like a load of crap to me, a tell tale sign of cellulite is orangpeel skin. Ask them out point blank if they are unable to provide you with a satisfactory answer talk to someone in consumer report magazine, maybe a dermathologist as well and have them check the ingredients, the FDA could also provide you with some interesting insight since they have to approve it before it hits the market. My bet is it麓s the same product under different names with slight changes in formula.

    Of course I could be wrong, but is sneaky.
    Try Mary Kay's new Cellu-shape contouring system, you can losing up to 1/2 inch on each thigh which means you could lose up to 1 inch overall! Its powerful mix of ingredients, including botanicals, levels out lumps and bumps and leaves skin feeling perfectly hydrated all day. And there鈥檚 no need for any heavy-duty rubbing 鈥?just gently massage into skin. Extensive testing in our Mary Kay Skin Care Laboratory found that the innovative ingredients:

    鈥?Reduce the amount of cellulite-causing cells.

    鈥?Stimulate cellular activity.

    鈥?Strengthen the skin鈥檚 support system so cells are less able to break through and cause dimpling on the surface.

    These dramatic benefits were also seen during clinical testing:

    鈥?After 4 weeks, 81% of women had firmer skin.

    鈥?After 8 weeks, 70% of women had skin with greater elasticity.

    鈥?After 12 weeks, 100% of women had smoother skin.

    Our super-effective system includes:

    TimeWise庐 Cellu-Shape鈩?Daytime Body Moisturizer. It's a supercharged formula that stimulates cellular activity, significantly increases the skin鈥檚 hydration level and begins the firming and toning process.

    TimeWise庐 Cellu-Shape鈩?Nighttime Body Gel. Completes the firming and toning process, strengthening the skin鈥檚 support system in problem areas so the visible signs of cellulite are minimized. It also moisturizes skin so it feels silky-smooth to the touch.

    Plus, this two-step system is also formulated to improve micro-circulation. The sooner you start using it the quicker you鈥檒l see the results. In addition to the dramatic benefits seen by dermatologists in clinical testing, in consumer testing 6 out of 10 women saw skin that was significantly firmer, more toned and smoother in just 3 weeks.

    Start using the TimeWise庐 Cellu-Shape鈩?Contouring System today to start reducing visible cellulite today, visit my site below..its 100% guarenteed, try it and if your not happy then return it!! you've got nothing to loose execpt cellulite!!

    Also you can see amazing before and after pics

    How do leading brands like Nivea, Garnier and soltan test their sun creams to ensure they work correctly?

    There are people who volunteer on whom they test their products.And These Volunteers Earn money too.Trust me don't bother too much for these chemical stuff Go ahead use some home remedies or use certified Herbal products.

    Nivea Sun Cream, Sensitive Skin?

    Hi, i have just bought some Nivea Sun Lotion. I suffer from spots so i was really looking for somthing that wont make me break out. Do you think i will be ok with this product?

    Here is the desciption on my lotion:

    This SPF15 advanced formula combines Nivea鈥檚 expertise in protecting your skin from sun damage and premature ageing. An enhanced UVA/UVB filter system provides immediate protection from UV rays while added vitamin E nourishes skin to combats free radicals and premature ageing. A quickly absorbed, water resistant formula suitable for all skin types.

    (bullet) enhanced UVA/UVB filter system for immediate protection from UV rays

    (bullet) water resistant

    (bullet) vitamin E to help combat free radicals %26amp; premature skin ageing

    (bullet) dermatologically approved';


    Thanks.Nivea Sun Cream, Sensitive Skin?
    basically, if the formula is water resistant it could be quiet strong so I would advise going to your local beauty salon and getting a face cream with a high spf, ask a therapist there, If the cream is dermalogically approved it could be quiet good for the body so you could just use seperate one for the face and body. hope this helps

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